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Alan Walker Tickets

Apr 25Thu 08:00 pm

From $16.12

Alan Walker with Brian Larney

Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT

Apr 27Sat 10:30 pm

From $30.96

Alan Walker

LIV Nightclub Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Jul 20Sat 10:30 pm

From $44.37

Alan Walker

LIV Nightclub Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Jul 27Sat 10:00 pm

From $109.28

Alan Walker

Nova SD, San Diego, CA

Oct 31Thu 08:00 pm

From $114.40

Alan Walker

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

Alan Walker

Genre: EDM

Top Tracks: Faded, Issues, Better Off, Fire!, Who I Am, On My Way, Alone, The Spectre, Darkside

Alan Walker

Alan Walker, born in England in 1997 and raised in Norway, is a self-taught Norwegian DJ and music producer. He rose to fame with his hit single "Faded," achieving platinum status in 14 countries and amassing over a billion views on YouTube for three of his songs. With his channel being the most subscribed in Norway at 45.1 million subscribers, Walker's influence extends globally. Known for his unique artistic image, often performing with a hoodie and face mask, his style emphasizes anonymity and unity. Walker's music, drawing inspiration from progressive house to 1990s trance, focuses on melody and mood, influenced by artists like Ahrix and composers such as Hans Zimmer. His rise from a YouTube-learned musician to a global music sensation highlights his innovative approach and broad appeal.

How did Alan Walker rise to fame?

Alan Walker's ascent in the music industry began in 2012 after teaching himself music production and sharing his work online. His major breakthrough came with "Fade" in 2014, which exploded on YouTube and streaming platforms. The success of "Fade" was followed by the global hit "Faded," featuring Iselin Solheim, which topped international charts and amassed billions of views. Walker continued to release successful tracks like "Sing Me to Sleep," "Alone," and "All Falls Down," solidifying his status as a leading EDM artist. His debut album "Different World" in 2018 included hits and new tracks, marking a milestone in his career. Walker also engaged in collaborations for the PUBG Mobile game soundtrack, including "On My Way" and "Live Fast." Recent projects like the Walkerverse led to his third studio album and collaborations with various artists. In 2023, he released "Walkerworld," his fourth studio album, showcasing his ongoing innovation and appeal. Walker's journey from a self-taught producer to a global music sensation highlights his impact on the electronic music scene.

Alan Walker’s upcoming events or tour in 2024?

Alan Walker is now on a tour called "WalkerWorld Tour." As it will be so exciting and many funs will rush to get the tickets, tickets might be sold out soon. But rest assured even if the tickets are sold out. You can find the cheapest Alan Walker ticket with the lowest commission fee on TicketX. TicketX’s fees stay consistent at 20%. Unlike other resale websites, such as StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, fees do not change depending on the venue, ticket price, or ticket type. Don't miss out this opportunity.

  • Mar 22, 2024 - Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL

  • APR 13, 2024 - WONDERBALL, Sarasota, FL

  • APR 27, 2024 - LIV, Las Vegas, NV

  • Sep 1, 2024 - North Coast Festival (Northerly Island), Chicago, IL

Alan Walker's setlist

Alan Walker’s setlist might vary depending on venues, but Alan Walker likely sings famous top-ranked songs as well as new songs in the albums.

  • Faded

  • Issues

  • Better Off

  • Fire!

  • Who I Am

  • On My Way

  • Alone

  • The Spectre

  • Darkside

How much are Alan Walker tickets?

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How to get the cheapest Alan Walker tickets

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