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Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson (also known as Anjelah Johnson-Reyes) first gained fame as a comedian through her wild skits on MADtv, she actually started out in a very different line of work before becoming a comedian, albeit also on requiring her to perform in front of a crowd. Johnson was a competitive cheerleader from a young age and was so good at it that she was invited to join the NFL’s Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad and even ended up performing at Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. Johnson had always been told that she had an ability to crack people up, and, once cheerleading had finished, decided to pursue this skill as her life’s ambition by relocating to Los Angeles in 2005. Alongside working as a comedic actress, Johnson has made herself into an accomplished presence on stage as a stand-up comic, performing in front of large audiences on a regular basis and releasing six stand-up comedy specials. Her jokes range from everyday observational humor and societal insights to the truly absurd, but she tends to aim for a wholesome and positive approach on the whole. TicketX has the best tickets to live Anjelah Johnson showsat the lowest prices, so keep checking back on TicketX to find what you need!

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