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Jun 01Sat 09:00 pm

From $102.88

BLACKPINK Vs. NewJeans Night

El Club, Detroit, MI


Genre: K-pop, dance, pop, rap

Top Tracks: Lovesick Girls, As If It's Your Last, Whistle, Playing With Fire, Kill This Love


Now that Korean pop has well and truly become a global phenomenon, it can be easy to forget that this wasn’t always so. The four members of girl group BLACKPINK, one of the most popular acts to emerge out of Korea in the past decade, were pioneers in taking Korean music to the world, blending elements of pop, dance, and rap music into their uplifting and empowering songs. As well as Korean, BLACKPINK often incorporates Japanese or English lyrics into their material, further illustrating their broad international appeal. The group is one of the most-followed musical acts of all time online, with incredible numbers of followers and YouTube views. Still, if you can get a ticket, BLACKPINK are best enjoyed live in concert due to their stunning multimedia shows and energetic performances.

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