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Established: 1988

Top Tracks: This Is a Low (1994), Beetlebum (1997), Tender (1999), End of a Century (1994) ·


An English rock band, Blur originated in London in 1988 with Damon Albaran, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree. Originally called Seymour, they garnered recognition under the auspices of Food Records, who signed them and adopted their current name. The group’s music, which blends alternative rock, punk, and indie pop, became prominence during the Britpop era of the 1990s.

The journey earnestly started with energetic art-punk performances before they decided to transition to a more melodic sound approach. Subsequently, releases like She’s So High and There’s No Way shot them into mainstream music. Official recognitions, including four Brit Awards in 1995 alone, went on to cement their status in the industry.

Nonetheless, the Blur, at some point, experienced internal tensions, particularly while they were recording The Great Escape, the band’s fourth studio album. Then, the release of Country House, the album’s lead single, amidst a fabricated feud with Oasis’ Roll With It, exacerbated the differences between members of the group. Graham Coxon struggled with the commercial direction and media scrutiny, resulting in a drama at a celebration party.

Despite the inner turmoil, one which questioned their artistic integrity, Blur’s legacy endured, chiefly as pioneers of the Britpop movement. With catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and a neat ability to thrive amid controversy, they were able to transcend their conflicts and evolve as a band. Blur’s persevering journey testifies to the complexities that come with artistic probity in the music sector.

Upping momentum

The group’s fifth studio album, which was put out in 1997, signaled a tectonic style shift, one which drew inspiration from the lo-fi aesthetics of American indie rock bands. Eponymously titled Blur, the album topped the UK charts and marked their third chart-topping success in a row. The underlying single, Song 2, took the bank to an American mainstream success.

Blur’s subsequent album, 13, was released in 1999 to showcase their willingness to experiment with gospel and electronic elements imbued with introspective, personal lyrics from Damon Albarn. Then, their seventh, Think Tank, came out in 2003, and they used it to further explore electronic sounds.

After a hiatus caused by Coxon’s departure, the band reunited in 2009 and went on a successful European tour. In 2012, their efforts were pedestalled with a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution. They subsequently made an eighth album, The Magic Whip (2015) to continue their UK chart-topping streak.

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On April 10th, Blur will take the stage at the Fox Theater in Pomona, California. Following this, on April 12th, they'll be at Coachella 2024 for the festival's first weekend. Then, on April 19th, they return to Coachella for another electrifying set, giving fans multiple chances to experience their legendary performances amidst the desert vibes of Indio.

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