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Dave Chappelle

Age: 50 (August 24, 1973)

Genre: stand-up comedy

Comedy Specials: Killin’ Them Softly, For What It’s Worth, Equanimity, Sticks and Stones, Unforgiven, The Closer, The Dreamer

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is widely regarded as one of the greatest-ever stand-up comics of all time. As a young comic in the early 90s, he worked his way up from open mics and comedy club appearances into becoming a regular on TV comedy specials and late-night talk shows hosted by David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. Chappelle also appeared in minor roles as an actor in a string of Hollywood films, including a memorable turn in 1997’s Con Air alongside Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich, and Steve Buscemi. He launched his own sketch comedy series in 2003 known as Chappelle’s Show, which was wildly popular for two seasons before Chappelle pulled the plug himself in Season 3. Since then, Dave Chappelle has focused most on his roots as a stand-up comic, producing a string of hit comedy specials that never skirt controversy and never fail to bring the house down with raucous laughter. Seeing Dave Chappelle perform live is a once in a lifetime opportunity that simply should not be missed.
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How much do Dave Chappelle tickets cost?

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How can I find the cheapest Dave Chappelle tickets

Dave Chappelle is one of the most famous stand-up comedians of all time. Obviously, this means that ticket prices to his shows tend to be high and tickets sell out quickly. If you are searching for the cheapest Dave Chappelle tickets, TicketX is your one-stop online shop. Get onto TicketX well in advance of the event and purchase the cheapest Dave Chappelle tickets from TicketX with just one click and the lowest commission fees around.

How funny is Dave Chappelle?

Over the past three decades, Dave Chappelle has emerged as one of the defining stand-up comics of our time, constantly pushing the envelope, refusing to bow to pressure from “either side” in his country, and resisting easy categorization. No stranger to controversy, Chappelle is a versatile performer who has appeared in films and TV shows, but his main love has always been stand-up comedy, as anyone can see by his relaxed on stage demeanor in front of an audience. Chappelle is an expert in handling any audience, whether in a smaller venue, theater, or arena. To find out more about Dave Chappelle, check out the fascinating article “Dave Chappelle: A Journey of Laughter, Controversy, and Unmatched Wit” in our TicketX Magazine today.

How did Dave Chappelle rise to fame?

Dave Chappelle got his start in comedy when he was still in high school, requiring his mother to come along with him to comedy clubs in his earliest years (a subject he has joked about on numerous occasions). His real break came with Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central, a groundbreaking sketch show that lasted just two seasons but still maintains a following to this day. In the years since, Chappelle has focused more on touring and releasing comedy specials which have received broad acclaim from audiences and critics alike (as well as a fair amount of criticism in recent years!).

Past Dave Chappelle comedy specials and collaborations

Dave Chappelle has released many comedy specials (including Killin’ Them Softly, For What It’s Worth, Equanimity, Sticks and Stones, Unforgiven, The Closer, The Dreamer), along with numerous other appearances in recorded comedy shows. His specials are mostly available via Netflix, with preview clips to be found on YouTube and other platforms. Chappelle is also a frequent guest on many major comedy podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience and co-hosts his own podcast, The Midnight Miracle.

Dave Chappelle Tours

It is highly recommended that you try to purchase Dave Chappelle tour tickets early due to high demand. Keep checking back on TicketX regularly for the latest information so that you don’t miss out on the cheapest tickets to see Dave Chappelle performing live on tour. If you want to experience the unique spectacle that is a Dave Chappelle comedy show, the time to get tickets is now!

Dave Chappelle 2024 Tour - Tour Dates

Dave Chappelle is not currently touring and has not announced any touring dates or appearances in 2024. Check back soon, as new dates and locations for Dave Chappelle comedy shows will be announced and added soon.

Dave Chappelle - 2024 Tour Dates, Venues, and Locations

The following are the upcoming tour dates, venues, and locations (cities) for Dave Chappelle’s 2024 Tour.

*Please check back soon. Dave Chappelle comedy shows will be added here as they are announced.

Dave Chappelle’s Tour Sets

Dave Chappelle's comedy sets occasionally refer to or make use of older material that his fans are familiar with, but as a top stand-up comedian, Chappelle is also well known for coming up with new jokes to surprise his fans, referring to recent events or local situations. Jokes will obviously reoccur during the tour, but no two shows will be exactly the same. That’s the fun of live comedy!

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