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Detroit Pistons Tickets

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Detroit Pistons

Conference: Eastern

Division: Central

Stadium: Little Caesars Arena (capacity 20,332)

Head Coach: Monty Williams (2023-present)

Star Players: Cade Cunningham, Alec Burks, Jalen Duren

2022-23 Regular Season: 17-65 (15th in Eastern Conference)

2023 Playoffs: Did not qualify

Legendary Former Players: Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Ben Wallace, Dennis Rodman, Chauncey Billups, Rick Carlisle

NBA Championships: 3 (1989, 1990, 2004)

Detroit Pistons

Like the gritty Motor City that gave them their engine-inspired name, the Detroit Pistons have often garnered their image as a tough, unyielding opponent. Most famous of all Pistons teams (or infamous, to fans of other teams) is probably the Bad Boys of the late 1980s led by point guard Isaiah Thomas, who stretched the rules of physical contact in basketball to their outermost limits as they bruised and battered their way to three straight NBA Finals, losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game Seven in 1988 before twice swatting aside Michael Jordan’s as-of-yet championship-less Chicago Bulls to go on to sweep the Lakers 4-0 in 1989 and down the Portland Trail Blazers 4-1 in 1990. These victories had been a long time coming. Despite helping to found the NBA in 1949 and making two unsuccessful Finals appearances in its early years, the Pistons found little success in the ensuing decades, either missing the playoffs or struggling to make real in-roads when they did qualify for the postseason. After the triumph of the Bad Boys in 1989 and 1990, many fans in Detroit expected their new dynasty to continue, especially when they faced Jordan and the Bulls in 1991, the third straight season that the two teams had met in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bulls were bent on revenge, however, and swept the Pistons in four, after which the team from Detroit stormed off the court in frustration without stopping to congratulate their opponents. A decade of ho-hum basketball followed until the early 200s, when Ben Wallace, Rick Carlisle, and Chauncey Billups sent the Pistons marching to six Conference Finals and two NBA Finals in six years, with the team winning the 2004 Finals 4-1 over the Lakers. The good times couldn’t last, unfortunately, and Detroit Pistons fans have now endured 15 seasons where their team has only made the playoffs three times and finished dead last in the entire league in 2022-23. Optimism isn’t in abundance heading into 2023-24, but diehard Pistons fans will hope that talents like Cade Cunningham and Alec Burks will spark something of a revival this season.

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