Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Tickets

Oct 19Sat 07:00 pm

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Joni Mitchell & The Joni Jam

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

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Joni Mitchell

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

Joni Mitchell

Age: 80 (born on November 7, 1943)

Genre: Folk

Top Tracks: Big Yellow Taxi, A Case of You, River, Blue, Amelia

Top Albums: Clouds, Blue, Court and Spark, Hejira.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell, one of her generation's best folk music artists, has made music that is forever woven into the fabric of pop culture. Her work gained popularity in the 70s but influenced many 21st-century musicians and still appeals to contemporary listeners today.

Winning 11 Grammy awards and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is no small feat for a folk music artist. Only a few musicians have mastered their craft to the level that Joni Mitchell did. Rolling Stone once described her as “one of the greatest songwriters ever.”

Since her first tour in 1965, Joni Mitchell has continued to stun crowds with her live performances for decades. If you want to save a cheap ticket for a seat at her next event, you’re in the right place.

Getting to Know Joni Mitchell

The Canadian-American singer had a successful career but struggled through several challenges in her early life. She was born in 1943 and was diagnosed with Polio when she was just nine years old. The effect of Polio on her left hand was one of the reasons why she developed alternative tunings and structure when she started playing instruments and writing songs.

As a student, Joni studied classical piano at some point, but her primary interest was with painting. She eventually went on to study art at Alberta College of Art, but she dropped out at age 20. By this time, she had already started singing and making money from small gigs where she could.

Music Career

Joni Mitchell has been able to build a long, fulfilling career to last for decades, but just like many other musicians, she had humble beginnings. She started out making music and singing to small crowds for little pay. After years of struggling, she got her first record deal when she was signed to Reprise Records in 1967.

From then on, she created some of the greatest folk music ever recorded. Tracks like Both Sides, Now, and Blue” brought Mitchell’s work to wider recognition. Rolling Stone even selected Blue, the album as the third greatest album of all time.

Many people do not know this, but Mitchell is also a superb multi-instrumentalist (playing instruments like the guitar and even the ukulele). Mitchell came to the limelight because of her unconventional style of composition which infuses elements of pop and jazz.

Joni Mitchell Awards and Legacy

In her decades of singing and songwriting, Joni Mitchell left an indelible mark on the music industry with her raw talent and distinctive voice. Her musical brilliance earned her different awards and accolades, cementing her position as a true folk and rock music veteran.

In 1970, the folk music star won her first Grammy with her second studio album, Clouds. The album won Best Folk Performance for that year. It was the first of the many Grammy nominations she would keep getting for many years. Presently, she has won 11 Grammy Awards altogether. In 2002, she was honored with the most significant Grammy of her career, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Aside from her Grammys, the success of Jony’s 19 studio albums got her inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. She has also won ASCAP Pop awards, Juno awards, and many others.

Mitchell’s music did more than just entertain different generations of listeners; she also inspired many contemporary artists. Popular musicians like Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Bjork, and Harry Styles have admitted to being influenced by Joni Mitchell’s songs.

Joni Mitchell Upcoming Events or Tour in 2024?

In 2000, Joni retired from touring entirely, and except for her short performances in 2002 and 2013, fans didn’t get to see her perform for decades. In 2015, when she suffered a brain aneurysm rupture, everyone thought that was the end of her music career.

Fans were again given hope when she performed as a special guest during the Newport Folk Festival 2022. She has made some brief appearances since then, but the most iconic one has to be when she made her first-ever Grammy performance in February 2024.

It gets even better for fans because after being starved of live events for two decades, there is a lineup of Joni Mitchell you can book and plan for in 2024.

Date, Time, Location

  • Sat, Oct 19, 2024 19:00 - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Sun, Oct 20, 2024 18:30 - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

How to Get Joni Mitchell Cheap Tickets?

After Joni Mitchell’s long break from live events, getting tickets to watch her perform live has gotten even more difficult than it was before. Thousands of fans want to witness the folk music legend perform live for the first time, and ticketing platforms will be ready to take advantage of this high demand.

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Joni Mitchell Setlist

It's been decades since Joni Mitchell toured, so it is hard to tell how her 2024 live events will be. But based on what we know about Joni Mitchell, we know it will be a good time.

Some classics will likely make Joni Mitchell’s setlist for her 2024 shows. We expect her to perform these songs in her 2024 events: Both Sides Now, Big Yellow Taxi, A Case of You, Free Man in Paris, River, and Woodstock.

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