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NCAA First Four 


  • March 19-20


The First Four (NCAA College Basketball)

The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, best known as March Madness, is the premier university-level men’s basketball competition in the United States. It functions in a similar manner to the postseason playoffs of the NBA (or most other North American professional leagues) except that all rounds are single-game knockout matches instead of best-of-seven series. In the past, players who have starred in March Madness tournaments have gone on to glittering careers in the NBA, including luminaries like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Patrick Ewing along with current NBA stars such as Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, and Steph Curry.

The First Four was initiated in 2001, when the tournament rose from an easily divisible 64 teams to a more awkward 68 due to conference restructuring. As a result, an additional play-in round of 4 games was added to whittle the field down to 64 before the start of the First Round, which became known as the First Four.   

How can I find cheap tickets to March Madness, including the First Four?

NCAA March Madness is a hugely popular event in America, one that many basketball fans look forward to more than even the NBA Playoffs! Many fans choose to cheer on their local team or their alma mater, making the tournament a special one even for casual basketball fans. So much demand means that it can be hard to get a hold of tickets to March Madness games, including First Four games. Your best option to search for the cheapest First Four tickets out there is to head to our listings on TicketX as soon as possible and use our trusty TicketX seating chart to compare different seating options in terms of location and price. 

Note that for the First Four, some tickets offer entry to multiple games on the same day at the same venue. Other tickets include all 4 games of the round. Be sure to check which ticket you have selected before purchasing.  

Which teams will be playing in the First Four? What is the schedule for the First Four?

Selection Sunday (March 17, 2024) has come and gone, with all 68 March Madness tournament participants revealed at last, including the 8 teams who will contest the First Four

Here is the full game schedule for the 2024 NCAA First Four:

The four winners will move on to the First Round of the NCAA March Madness tournament! With so much on the line in each game, tickets will sell out very soon. Get onto TicketX right away so that you don’t miss these four must-win games!

How do teams qualify for March Madness and the First Four?

Over 350 American universities have men’s Division 1 level basketball teams. The teams that go on to participate in each year’s March Madness tournament include the 32 teams that have won their conferences throughout the season, plus 36 other teams selected by a 12-member selection committee through a complex set of rules and parameters. All 68 teams to take part in the tournament are announced on Selection Sunday (March 17, 2024), just prior to the beginning of the NCAA March Madness tournament.

The First Four typically involve 8 of the lowest ranked teams playing 4 play-in games, with the 4 winners progressing on into the First Round of the tournament (and the losers catching a flight or a bus home). 

How does the First Four round of the March Madness tournament work?

The March Madness basketball tournament is a single-game elimination tournament. You win, you move on; you lose, you go home. The First Four is no different, with the winners of all 4 games continuing on into the First Round. Some First Four teams have sprung some pretty big upsets over the years too, going on impressive runs deep into the tournament. 

When is the NCAA First Four? What are the 2024 NCAA First Four dates?

As the name suggests, March Madness takes place in March (mostly, though the games of the Final Four are often held in early April). In 2024, the 4 games of the First Four will take place on March 19-20

Where does the 2024 NCAA First Four take place?

Unlike the playoffs of major North American professional leagues (NBA, MLS, NFL, NHL), March Madness takes place in certain pre-selected venues rather than simply the home venues of the competing teams. Some of these venues are college basketball arenas, while others are professional (NBA) arenas (used for their ability to accommodate larger crowds).

The venue for the First Four in the 2024 NCAA March Madness tournament will be the University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

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