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Rod Wave Tickets

No events scheduled at the moment.

Rod Wave 

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Top Tracks: Fight the Feeling, By Your Side, Heart on Ice, Rags2Riches, Chip on My Shoulder 

Rod Wave 

It can be hard to believe that Rod Wave just turned 25 in 2023. The depth of that voice, the sense of rhythm and flow, the emotional power of his lyrics–-how could such a young guy deliver so much through his music? The singer-songwriter rose to prominence in 2019 with his hit “Heart on Ice” and never looked back, releasing three chart-topping albums in three years (2021-2023) that all topped the Billboard 200. This young man from Florida with a big heart is one of those rare artists whose music challenges his fans while simultaneously reassuring them that everything, in the end, will work out fine. To see Rod Wave is a privilege that should not be missed, so be sure to check TicketX to find the cheapest and best available tickets to one of his concerts as soon as you can!
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Rod Wave’s upcoming events or tour in 2024?

He didn't announce the next tour yet. If it is revealed, tickets might be sold out soon since it will be so exciting and many funs will rush to get the tickets. But rest assured even if the tickets are sold out. You can find the cheapest Rod Wave ticket with the lowest commission fee on TicketX. TicketX’s fees stay consistent at 20%. Unlike other resale websites, such as StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, fees do not change depending on the venue, ticket price, or ticket type.

Rod Wave's setlist

Rod Wave’s setlist might vary depending on venues, but Rod Wave likely sings famous top-ranked songs as well as new songs in the albums.

1. Call Your Friends

2. Sky Priority

3. Poison

4. Green Light

5. Abandoned

6. Heart On Ice

7. Cuban Links

8. Dark Clouds

9. F**k the World

10. Freestyle

11. Girl of My Dreams

12. Letter From Houston

13. Rags2Riches

14. 2019

15. Gone Till November

16. Paint the Sky Red

17. Tombstone

18. Street Runner

19. By Your Side

20. Alone

21. Sweet Little Lies

22. Cold December

23. Come See Me

24. Nostalgia

25. Turks & Caicos

26. HG4

27. Crazy

28. 2018

29. Boyz Don’t Cry

30. Great Gatsby

How much are Rod Wave tickets?

You can find the cheapest Rod Wave tickets on TicketX. Prices can vary depending on venues and dates, so please check for tickets based on the venues and dates of events that you might be interested in attending.

How to get the cheapest Rod Wave ticket ?

Considering Rod Wave popularity, tickets for Rod Wave will likely sell out fast. This high demand would also drive resale ticket prices up. If you are looking for the cheapest Rod Wave ticket, TicketX is the best ticket resale site for offering the cheapest ticket. Buy the cheapest Rod Wave tickets with the lowest commission fee with a single click now.

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