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Gabriel Iglesias: From Cell Phone Employee to Comedy Superstar

by Victor Oluwagbemi


  1. Gabriel Iglesias Career
  2. Gabriel Iglesias’s Rise to Fame
  3. Gabriel Iglesias Wife and Son
  4. Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss
  5. How much does Gabriel Iglesias weigh now?
  6. How did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Weight?
  7. How Much is Gabriel Iglesias Worth?
  8. Gabriel Iglesias Tour and Events

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If you frequently watch comedy TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts, chances are one of the most familiar faces or voices you come across belongs to Gabriel Iglesias. His vocalizations, laughter, honest take on everyday awkward situations, and jokes about self-consciousness are complex to miss.

Born on July 15, 1976, to Esther P. Mendez and Jesus Iglesias, Gabriel—fondly known as Fluffy—is one of the most talented acts to grace the global entertainment industry. A comedian, actor, and producer, Gabriel has a unique blend of skills that has taken him fast from a regular stage performer to one of the most influential figures in San Diego, California.

A towering personality in the world of standup comedy, Iglesias is leaving a mark on the scene. He started from scratch telling jokes at intimate comedy clubs, and with his infectious charisma and relentlessness, he has become a global rib-cracking sensation.

Gabriel Iglesias Career

His Special, “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy,” broke the dam, giving him his iconic nickname and taking him to newer heights in comedy, the ranks of Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Katt Williams. His style revolves around spellbinding storytelling, uncanny impersonations, beatboxing, and cynical facial expressions.

Under Fluffy’s belt are several exceptional comedy achievements on Comedy Central and Netflix, such as One Show Fits All and Hot Fluffy. In his acting career, he has lent his contagious voice to animations like Speedy Gonzales in Space Jam: A New Legacy and starred in movies like Magic Mike.

These efforts, combined with his constantly selling-out tours worldwide, underscore Gabriel’s status as a beloved entertainer. Thanks to his humor and social connection with the audience, his legacy transcends the conventional boundaries of standup comedy.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Rise to Fame

Fluffy’s first stint was at a cell phone firm in Los Angeles. However, sometime in 1997, he decided to take a risk and pursue comedy full-time. At the onset, the choice led to his eviction from his apartment and the loss of his car. Despite these setbacks, he continued to invest in his ability to make people laugh.

Iglesias’s references to his weight are often an integral part of his jokes and is part of the reason he was quickly platformed. With this positive mindset, he has categorized himself into different rather amusing categories, including oversized, healthy, husky, and “DAMN!!!” In 2009, he added another level, “Oh hell, no!”.

In 2000, Gabriel was featured on All That, a Nickelodeon sketch comedy series, where he appeared in the sixth season with Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes. In 2006, he went on to star in Last Comic Standing, a reality TV series. Though he made it through the last eight installations, Iglesias was disqualified for smuggling a Blackberry [just] to keep in touch with his loved ones back home.

Yet, his passion remained strong. In 2007, he lent his voice to an entire Mexican family episode on the popular Family Guy series. He played twin characters on The Emperor’s New School, an animated Disney series Fluffy considers his best voice work ever.

Four years on, he became the host and producer for Comedy Central’s standup seasons, dubbed Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution. Between 2012 and 2014, Gabriel did movies and TV shows like The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, Magic Mike, Planes, The Nut Job, A Haunted House 2, The Fluffy Movie, The Book of Life, and Aloha Fluffy.

The American was cast for the Alberto role in ABC’s Cristela. He returned for the Magic Mike reboot (Magic Mike XXL) and appeared on TV shows like WWE Smackdown and WWE Tribute to the Troops. Fast forward to 2016, and the comedian contributed to several films: I’m Sorry For What I Said While I Was Hungry, Smurfs: The Lost Village, and The Nut Job 2.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife and Son

Fluffy is said to be living somewhere in Whittier, California. He has never been married and does not have a wife but at some point, was in a long-term relationship with Claudia Valdez, and they had a stepson, Frankie Iglesias. While Gabriel and Claudia separated in 2017, he maintains close relations with Frankie and has been helping raise the 25-year-old.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss

How much does Gabriel Iglesias weigh now?

Being 'Fluffy' and overweight, about 445lbs (202kg), Gabriel Iglesias has type II diabetes. After being warned that he would live only two years unless he lost weight, Gabriel changed his diet and began exercising. Eventually, he lost over 100 lbs (45kg) in only 90 days.

How did Gabriel Iglesias Lose Weight?

His weight loss journey provides us with some helpful weight loss advice. He stopped eating whole cakes and reduced his drinking from four times a week to once or twice a month. However, Martin—a fellow stand-up comedian and travel companion—was the main factor that improved Gabriel Iglesias health. In order to keep up his healthy lifestyle, he teamed up with Martin. Additionally, Gabriel discussed his relationship in an interview with BuzzFeed, saying, “she was one of the first people who said, 'You know what? You gotta check yourself. I don't want you to die. I want you to be around.”

How Much is Gabriel Iglesias Worth?

Between 2017 and 2018, Gabriel’s comic acts reportedly earned him $21 million, sufficient to put him among the ten most-paid comedians in the world. He has consistently seen big paydays, particularly by striking a rare partnership with Netflix. Currently, fluffy net worth is around $40 million, including investments such as real estate; he is said to earn an estimated $20 million annually.

Gabriel Iglesias Tour and Events

One of the most listened-to comedians on stage, Gabriel Iglesias, has been in the comedy business for up to two decades.

Case in point: In Dodger Stadium’s 61-year run, only one jokester has been able to sell out the 56,000-seat entertainment venue. Fluffy has done this not once but twice.

The better news is that the 47-year-old is not sleeping on the victory lap. He looks to double down on his efforts in the current Gabriel Iglesias tour despite a slight private jet setback that hitched the process in June 2023, where his plane skidded off the runway. As part of his Don’t Worry Be Fluffy Tour from November 2023 to March 2024, he is back on the road, making appearances across North America.

Fluffy will kick off the year on Valentine's Day at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, and perform at the North Charleston Coliseum on February 29, 2024.

He will return to Lehigh Valley, the Southside of Bethlehem, roughly a year after his last visit. On August 30, 2024, he will stop for a show at the Wind Creek Event Center along Wind Creek Boulevard. He is also headlining the Red River Valley Fair.

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