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Age: 18 years

Top Tracks: Sobrenatural, Hasta Abajo - Remix, Hasta Abajo, Sigo, Como Yo.


Xavi, a pioneering Mexican American artist, emerged onto the music scene with his electrifying corridos track La Diabla, topping Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

Despite a near-fatal car accident, Xavi's unique blend of the rebellious 'corridos tumbados' spirit and some romantic tenderness has captivated audiences worldwide. Raised in Phoenix and Sonora, Mexico, his bicultural upbringing deeply influences his music, blending Mexican corridos traditions with modern rhythms.

With hits like La Diabla and La Víctima, Xavi's global appeal continues to soar, promising an exciting journey ahead for this rising star in Latin music.

Xavi’s Discographic Achievements

Xavi's breakout single La Diabla dominated the Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. This electrifying corridos track catapulted him to stardom, earning widespread acclaim. Following its success, Xavi continued to make waves with hits like La Víctima, further showcasing his versatility and talent.

With multiple entries on the Billboard Hot 100 and Global charts, Xavi has garnered millions of streams worldwide. His captivating blend of rebellious spirit and romantic themes resonates deeply with fans, solidifying his status as one of Latin music's most promising rising stars.

Upcoming Xavi Events in 2024

If you’re looking to catch on to Xavi's Poco A Poco tour, the next show kicks off on April 18th at Riverside Municipal Auditorium, California. The frenzy continues with possibly packed shows at The Observatory, Santa Ana, and a performance at The Observatory North Park, San Diego, on April 21st.

Across California, venues like the Fox TheaterBakersfield, and House of Blues Las Vegaswill also host Xavi's magnetic energy. The journey extends to Phoenix's The Van Buren and El Paso's The Plaza Theatre, where fans are always waiting for thrill.

Internationally, he headlines festivals like Sueños Music Festival, Chicago, and Feria Expo Delicias, Mexico, amplifying his global allure. Each show is potentially an indelible experience of Xavi's Latin music magic.

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